B&R Ranches in Center Point, Texas is for folks that don’t want an HOA telling them what they can and cant do. There are no restrictions so you can do what you want to do and so can your neighbors. Mobile Homes are ok and so is hunting. Most areas in the subdivision have free ranging axis which isn’t always a given in the Hill Country. Axis deer are a big plus for hunters because of the flavor of the meat and ability to hunt them year round.

Tract sizes are generally 10-20 acres and all of them will need wells and septics except in the rare case that there is already one on the property. (maybe 5% of the time) To get to B&R Ranches take Hwy 27 to Stoneleigh Rd and go north. Almost all of Stoneleigh Rd., Mcdonald Loop and Stoney Hills Rd is in the B&R Ranches subdivision.

You will find a mix of modest small homes, mobile homes and some large luxury homes. Everything from large modern homes on large acreage tracts to small travel trailers and everything in between.

Topography can be vastly different. For the most part you will have a lot of terrain change with some really nice views from the hill tops. But also available are areas with large pastures. There are a number of areas with year around or seasonal springs. They are almost always in the deepest part of the canyons or ravines. Many of the tracts also have varying sizes of ponds that are fed from the run off after rains. But ponds really need to be lined to hold the water as the ground is porous.

Wells generally need to be 400 to 700 ft deep to hit the Trinity Aquifer although a lot of folks are getting off the grid and using water catchment systems.

As you might expect there are a lot of landowners with livestock and many families with children that participate in 4H.

If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me www.stevendye.com