There are some Texas property owners that think when their property values go up that their property is worth more money. "WRONG". That new value may be higher or lower than the actual value of your property. But what it does do is give you is a new higher tax bill. In Kerr County that is anywhere from $1.70 to about $2.26 on every additional $100 of the increased value. In some parts of Texas it is well over $3.00. And that is for as long as you own the property! News flash! Property tax rates rarely go down just up. Many seniors don't bother to fight their tax valuations because their taxes are frozen once they reach 65. For instance your taxes are frozen at $1,500 and if they weren't frozen you would be paying $4,500 a year. So every year they keep going up a bit and you don't fight them and eventually they are up to $8,000 a year. You are still only paying $1,500 a year but when you sell the house the new buyer will be paying $8,000 a year. Home buyers focus on the amount of taxes they will have to pay every year on any house they are buying. So if they are looking at two very similar houses in the same neighborhood and one has an annual tax bill of $5,000 and the other one has a tax bill of $8,000 that is going to factor into their decision.