Posted: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 9:29 am

Kerrville Daily Times

Hobbyists and crafters alike will be pleased to patronize the new Hobby Lobby coming to Kerrville in the upcoming months.

On Monday, Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Walt Koenig confirmed that the old EconoLodge on Sidney Baker Street will be demolished and a Hobby Lobby built in its place.

The property formally changed hands Nov. 30 when EconoLodge turned over possession of the property to the developer, the Colette Group of North Carolina.

“We’ve been supporting this project for some time,” said Koenig. “This approach is consistent with the Kerrville 2050 Comprehensive Plan philosophy, in that the community has expressed a desire to improve what we have as a priority of expanding the size of our city.”

The developer is currently in the process of defining the schedule for the demolition of the property and the subsequent construction of the new Hobby Lobby building, he added.

Moreover, while there already are several local craft stores, Koenig observed that it can only do the local economy good to offer more options to shoppers.

“Kerrville has consistently shown itself to be the commercial hub of the Hill Country, drawing over a hundred thousand customers regularly to our community to shop,” he said. “The Hobby Lobby will add significantly to that position as the commercial hub of the Hill Country. We want to keep our shoppers in town and draw shoppers from all around the nation.”

The economic prospects for Kerrville in 2019 and beyond are exciting, Koenig said, noting that Kerrville is “certainly on the map right now” as far as a prime location for economic development.

With the State of the City Luncheon coming up on Thursday, Koenig also noted that there is much about the town’s future — and 2019 in particular — that is cause for excitement.

He noted that two new farm-to-table restaurants are coming to the downtown area of Kerrville, Humble Fork and an additional one on Earl Garrett Street across from Azul Lounge.

He also pointed to the recent opening of the new segment of the river trail and the expansion of the river trail onto Schreiner University’s campus.

“The town is definitely on a great streak in terms of advancement and improvement,” he said.