Houses under 200k continue to see the most disparity in supply vs demand. With demand high and supply extremely low it has lead to some scary prices per sq ft. Many homes in varying conditions of quality and age are selling for $120-165 a sq ft.

Even houses in the under 300k category are selling for prices that a few years ago were unheard of. Both categories are still strongly weighted in favor of the seller. 

From there every 100k you go up in value the sellers advantage deteriorates only slightly. At the Half million dollars or better level in begins to balance out and as you get into the million dollar or better level it is a buyers  market.

Any lot at a reasonable price has been snapped up Kerrville. We are at a point now that a good quality lot in a nice neighborhood is 50k or better. (a few years ago it was half that). And with the current lot inventory dwindling and the cost to develop new subdivisions ridiculously high buying a lot and building is still a LOT more expensive than buying an existing home.

Add to that the rising cost of building materials (especially after Hurricane Harvey) and labor and IMHO building will cost you 30-40% than buying an existing home. In The Summit (where I currently live) new construction spec homes are going for $180-220 a sq ft. and that price will continue to escalate when these are sold because the lot prices have risen so much.

It is a great time to sell but a tricky time to buy.