Their are 8 new spec homes being built in The Summit in the $300,000 to $400,000 price range and 4 of them are already under contract. Land prices are a big factor in home cost. There are still a few lots in various quality subdivisions where you can buy a lot for $30,000 to $40,000 but they are drying up fact. Soon lots in popular subdivisions will be in the $50,000 and up range. The city of Kerrville is looking to team up with a developer to try to build some affordable housing on 34 acres the city owns on Loop 534. All the city leaders point to the lack of affordable housing as a huge issue. On another not I would like to talk about subdivisions with community river parks. The three nicest in Kerr county are located at Guadalupe Ranch Estates, Cypress Springs Estates and Canyon Springs. All three parks are on the Guadalupe River. Guadalupe Ranch Estates has 2 water parks. One is a deep water park just the other side of the bridge from Mo Ranch. Canyon Springs also has a gorgeous deep water swimming hole with beautiful Cypress Trees lining the bank. Cypress Springs is also on a beautiful stretch of the river right across from a large children's camp. They are also have a very nice pavilion for entertaining. Until next time.